【Official】Gonomiya no Yu

Natural hot spring & beautiful skin rock bath lodging casually

"Gonomiya no Yu" which made various kinds of landscapes seasonal in the garden, can be used for day trips and rock bathing / accommodation.

Tohoku Expressway is convenient for coming by car at the location of Kazuno Hachimantai IC.Towada Hachimantai, please use for sightseeing in Odate.

We are looking forward to welcoming you with heartwarming hospitality.

※"Washing out" is the dialect of Akita prefecture meaning "getting warmed up."

Guide inside the facility!

  • entrance·front desk

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  • Large Communal Bath

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  • Beautiful rock bath

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Room example

  • Rooms

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Hotel Name

Gonomiya Onsen, Gonomiya no Yu


1-7 Hachimantai Kazuno City Nagata, Hachimantai Kazuno City , Akita Prefecture

Telephone number



10 minutes on foot from JR Hanawa Line Rikuchuosato Station. Tohoku Expressway Kazuno Hachimantai IC 2 minutes by car from Tohoku Expressway Kazuno Hachimantai IC

Pick-up presence (condition)
We will respond to your request as much as possible so please ask first.
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Accommodation with pets is also possible!

Hot spring & rock bath

Hospitality service

  • please confirm

    ●All rooms are available for internet connection (wireless LAN).Please ask the front desk when using.
    ●To customers using high-speed bus.Kazuno will correspond to bathing and breakfast after arrival at Kazuno so please inquire in advance.
    ●Long stay is also possible.
    ●We will respond to cases of duty styles such as night shift by long-term stay.Please contact the front desk.
    ●Please contact us so we can respond to your request as far as possible from the Kazuno Hanawa Station.
    ●We are also using camp for club activities during the summer and ski training camp in winter.(Wax room equipped with 6 buildings.Please make a reservation in advance.)
    ●Around the hotel around Ayu fishing in July, Towada Ekiden in August and autumn leaves in the second half of October are popular.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.